"Great app! I use it most days to call home overseas and love how reliable it is!"

– Hassan M, Brooklyn, NY

"Awesome!! Finally, a calling app that has good connection and cheap rates!"

- Victoria C, Pittsburgh, PA

Such a good app! I call to Argentina almost every day and it's like this app was made for me the cost is so low. Thank you iVox!!

– Lucia P, Gainesville, GA

iVox is a great app and I love how friendly their customer service is! I'm so happy I don't have to talk to a voice recording whenever I have a question.

– Darrell W, Glendale, AZ

" I use iVox whenever I travel out of the country for business. It’s the most reliable way to stay in touch with my wife and not miss a moment with kids, even from halfway around the world."

- Timothy G, Lakewood, CA

"Easy to use and had great call quality on both ends while using the "iVox voice" calling. Sounded like my grandson was in the other room, not a 10 hour flight away!"

– Albert S, Frankfurt, Germany

"I had to call customer service a few days ago to ask how to transfer iVox app to my new cell phone. The wait was short, and the representatives solved my problem in a few of minutes. They were very friendly and made getting my service hassle free."

– Laurie R, Lenoir, NC

"When I moved out of country, I tried all the mobile apps out there to call my siblings back home, safe to say iVox was the best one. Automatic refills make it so easy to ALWAYS stay in touch!"

– Charles L, Melbourne, Australia

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