Frequently Asked Questions

1. What phones are compatible with the iVox mobile app?

iVox app can only be used on iPhone or Android smartphones.

2. How do I download the iVox app?

On your mobile device visit the app store (Apple) or google play store (Android) and search for iVox. Follow the stores instructions to download the application.

3. How do I register with the iVox mobile app?

In order to register open the iVox app on your device and enter your mobile phone number. You will receive a verification code via text message which you must input it into the iVox mobile app.

4. What are the options of trying out the app before making a purchase?

We give you a complimentary credit of $1.00 to try out the application, navigate the calling process, and experience the quality of iVox app.

5. How do I access my contacts with iVox?

When you download iVox your phonebook is accessed by the iVox application. To add a contact to your iVox app you must save it to the phonebook on your cellular device. When your phonebook is downloaded to the iVox app your contacts are separated into “International” contacts, “iVox” contacts (those who also have the iVox app), and “All Contacts.”

6. How do I make calls using iVox?

To make calls using the iVox mobile application, you must first click on the app and open it. If you are calling a phone number that is already in your contact list, visit the contacts sections of the mobile app, and select the contact you would like to call. You may choose to either make an “iVox Call,” an “Internet Call,” or a “Free Call” depending on your preferences. If you are dialing a number not in your contacts list, you can dial the number in the keypad section and click “iVox call”

7. What is the difference between an “iVox call” and an “Internet Call?”

An iVox call is a call placed using iVox’s phone network. This uses phone airtime minutes just like it would for local calls. An internet call on the other hand makes the call using mobile data (3G/4G) or Wifi. In order to make an internet call a strong data or wifi signal is recommended. Another calling option exclusive to iVox app users is “Free Call”

8. How to make a free call?

In order to make a free call using iVox both parties must have the iVox app and access to Wifi or data. If a user has the iVox application their contact will be stored in the apps “iVox users” contact section, and a free call option will show before dialing. Free calls work best when both users have a strong wifi or data signal.

9. How does the referral program work?

If you would like to refer a friend or family member you will need to go to the referral link under the “account” tab of the mobile application and then select the person you would like to refer. He/she will receive a text message which will prompt them to download the application from the text message. Once they download the application and refill you will receive a complimentary $10.00 instantly.

10. Can I use the iVox mobile app abroad and not be charged from the provider?

There are two ways to use the iVox mobile app while abroad without receiving outside provider charges. The first option is to use a phone with a local phone service while abroad (i.e. purchasing a phone while abroad). If you do this you will have access to all of the iVox applications features. The second option is to use your usual service provider from home while traveling, with mobile data roaming switched off. Place calls only when in Wifi by using the internet call or free call option to avoid extra charges.

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